Club updates

We did a soft open in March for Nerdgasm to work out some┬ákinks….chuckles.

We are opening up in April for parties and classes.

We have a capacity limit of 49 at the clubhouse right now. This includes staff that make Threshold run Host, Teacher, assistant, Board, DM’s, and gatekeeper for a class/party. So the limit size would be 42-45, but since we know that people are getting use to the limit, it is set at 40  tickets for sale.

People pay for the class/party online at the Threshold website making it easier to stay within capacity.

Classes will be posted on fet, a link will lead to the Threshold website for them to purchase a ticket and reserve their spot. If they pay and don’t show up, there is no refunds. Thank you for the donation.

The gatekeeper will keep a list at the door to see who to let in and also keep track of the capacity count. So if there is space and someone shows up, they can pay and come in.

stay well,


aka Coordinator Applejack