Club updates

Dear members,

Here is a hopefully positive update. The building owners are optimistic that they can get the zoning to allow us to be here and have said they are willing to pay for the permits and safety upgrades needed to make it work. This would not happen immediately(about 6 weeks) and would require good luck on a few different issues.

We have to see what the official building and safety inspector says on February 5th says and how detailed the changes to the building and permits that we need. Then, it’s getting the Building Inspector to sign off on it.

If this can all be done we would have the chance to reopen at this facility. This is where the term “cautiously optimistic” comes into play.

We are still not allowed to have events in this building, so all your efforts to find us temporary places to have parties or classes is STILL NEEDED.

So many wonderful members have offered to foster equipment and store boxes and office equipment in their homes and garages. YOU ARE AMAZING!! Please keep letting us know if you have space at your place and you are a current Threshold member.

We are hoping for the best, but if we can’t make it work here, we will have to move and all of those plans must keep progressing.

No matter what, please know that the board, chairpersons, volunteers and extending kinky community are all pulling together to keep the Threshold mission alive.

I am so proud to be walking this path with you.
Thank you for the love and support.
Together we will become stronger.

Stay well,

Board Coordinator

P.S. We are bck on track and we will be re-opening classes, events, fundraising efforts, and auctions in teh following days. Stay tuned!