Dear Threshold Membership and concerned community members.

It is with great sadness that all Threshold events, parties and private rentals have been given an immediate cease and desist by the Los Angeles Fire Department, due to zoning and permit issues. We have been at this location for 15 years with multiple walkthroughs from police and fire department personnel with no problems. But upon inspection by city fire planner, it was found that we are not permitted to have gatherings at this facility. And the building is not zoned for the activity we are doing. Meaning we need to move to a building zoned for our club and get the proper permits.

As we explore our many options, please be strong with us, so we can quickly get back to serving our community and helping them to discover themselves in a safer, sane and always consensual way.

We will update you shortly with the date of the Threshold Members meeting to discuss this further and of course any changes to this situation.

Sincerely and in service to you

Threshold Board of Directors