ELECTIONS for the 2018/2019 year have ended. Please keep an eye out for the 2019/2020 Elections in April 2019!

Below is a list of all Board positions and their responsibilities.  Submit your candidate statement, including which position you are seeking, to elections@threshold.org.  Statements received by March 10th to be included in next month’s SubmissionsAll statements must be received no later than March 25th to be eligible for the April elections.


All positions require that you be available for the monthly business meeting (currently 1st Sunday), a monthly face-to-face board meeting, the ability to host 1-2 events per month, work in the planning of, and day of workings of the 3, major fund-raising events, and the avility to make everyday decisions on the running of the Threshold Club as a team.


Represents Threshold Society on all official forms and capacities.  This person must be willing to use their legal name in connection with Threshold operations, including legal documents, financial accounts, and contracts.  The President/Coordinator is responsible for conducting member business meetings and participating in the Club’s special events (My Kinky Valentine, Bizarre Bazaar, Carnal Carnival). The President/Coordinator provides oversight to the Membership Chair position, as well as others based on interest.

Vice President/Assistant Coordinator

Responsible for conducting business meetings in the President/Coordinator’s absence.  Provides oversight to assigned chair positions based on interest.

Chief Financial Officer

No financial experience necessary! The CFO provides the financial update (the Treasurer will walk you through it) at business meetings and serves as the main contact for the club’s treasurer.  Also provides oversight to assigned chair positions based on interest.

Corporate Secretary

No corporate experience necessary!  The Corporate Secretary provides oversight to the Recording Secretary Chair position as well as other assigned positions based on interest.

Fifth Board Member

The official “tie-breaker” position.  Fifth Board member has floating responsibilities, including oversight of assigned chair positions based on interest.

Basically, you CAN be a board member, even without prior board or leadership experience!

We have an incredible team of dedicated volunteers that support and guide the Board.  This is an excellent opportunity to help your Club as well as gain valuable leadership experience that can help improve your confidence and real-world professional skills!

Candidacy Statement:

This is where you tell our community why you want to be on the board and how you plan to represent them. It’s an introduction to people who may not know you, please include:

  • Your scene name
  • Position desired
  • Relevant experience
  • What you’re passionate about
  • Maximum of 1200 words (if you go over we will cut it off at 1200)

All candidacy statements must be received no later than March 25th at elections@threshold.org. If in before March 10th you will be included in Submissions, if not you will be on the ballot and the website only. We look forward to hearing from you soon!