Community Outreach

With a primary focus on education, as well as empowering individuals to explore themselves in a safer, sane, and consensual way, Threshold is dedicated to our program of Outreach.

By offering frequent panel discussion and interviews to colleges, therapists, police, fire department, radio, TV and podcast, Threshold helps prepare society to discern the myth from the reality of BDSM/Kink and alternative adult lifestyles.

We want those who might be kinky to understand that the feelings and desires they are having, when done in a healthy way can be an amazing positive enhancement to their life.

We also want the larger percentage of people who aren’t kinky to understand us, so when they encounter someone like a family member, friend, client, co-worker etc. who is kinky, they will not react with the normal fear and disgust that are commonly applied to kinky people.

By educating the next generation of therapists, doctors, police, politicians etc., we have a better chance of creating a world of tolerance as opposed to ignorance based judgment.

What is a Threshold panel discussion like?

A group of our club’s experienced members will sit with your group and after a brief introduction about the BDSM lifestyle and themselves, will answer questions from your group about:

  • Types of play/kink
  • Different roles between partners
  • Communication with partners
  • Safety and risks
  • Community rules and etiquette
  • Psychology of BDSM

All of our answers are based on personal experience. We do not claim to be the ultimate authority of everyone who practices Kink/BDSM, but we do represent the general ethics and considerations of the open BDSM community.

Threshold does not charge to give panels either at our facility or yours and is given by volunteers that are dedicated to educating the community about this lifestyle that we love.

If you have a group that you believe would benefit by our information…

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