Threshold Club Member Rules & Party Rules

Threshold has put together this guide for all party attendees. Any questions or concerns can be brought to your Dungeon Monitors (DM’s) or Board members.

All attendees at any Threshold event must be 18 or older. Common sense, respect, and courtesy towards others are always the order of the day. DMs, Board Members, and party hosts are always here if you need them.


All parties involved must specifically consent to all activities. Remember that no means NO and once is enough! Consent can be withdrawn at any time during a scene. The club safeword is “RED.” If a DM hears that safeword, he or she will check in on the scene.


Keep confidential the names, telephone numbers, addresses, activities and occupations of your fellow members. When non-members inquire about Threshold, you may refer them a Board member or our website. The identities of our membership are held in the strictest confidence.  “Outing” a member – in any way – is forbidden. Get permission before addressing another members in public; they may not be out.  This applies to sharing personal information about one member with another member as well (i.e. asking for a phone number, etc.).  You may not discuss club business or name members of the club in any online or public venues.

Cameras or Recording Devices

Threshold cares about your privacy. That means cameras or any other recording devices may not be used at our facility. Want to capture an image of your scene?  Board Members or DMs may grant an exception to this policy if you ask in advance. The Board Member or DM will determine that ALL parties involved have given permission to be photographed. In other words: ask a Board Member or DM BEFORE the camera comes out.

No Drugs or Intoxication

Threshold prohibits the use of illegal and/or illicit drugs at any of its functions. Intoxication is not tolerated. If you appear to be inebriated, you will be approached by a DM for your own safety and the safety of others. The DM’s word is the last word on this issue, and members that appear inebriated may be asked to leave.

Party Etiquette

Our members express themselves and their SM in a variety of sexual and nonsexual ways. Threshold welcomes all such expression that are sane and consensual. Watching and being watched is part of the experience of being in a public dungeon. Members and guests acknowledge they may be exposed to nudity and/or sexual contact when they enter our facility.

Our party goers are invited to watch scenes from a respectful distance, so long as they do not interrupt the scene. Loud talking kills moods! Please be aware of your volume when people are playing around you. Solo masturbation while watching scenes is not permitted. Please do not participate in a scene unless invited.

No solo play is permitted!

Please also make sure that you clean all equipment that you use, and anywhere that may have come into contact with body fluids. We’ve provided spray bottles of madicide and paper towels for your convenience – they’re in the corner of every room. Spray down surfaces thoroughly with madicide, and then let it sit for a full two minutes. You will be tempted to wipe the surface early – don’t do it! Let it sit for the full two minutes, and then wipe it dry. The space is now ready for someone else to play.

Sex Guidelines

Threshold parties do not allow sexual activity at our Community parties.  Sexual activity is defined as: penis-vagina, penis-anus, penis-mouth, vagina-mouth, anus-mouth, and vagina vagina.  We do not require barriers during our Member-only parties, but they are HIGHLY recommended and available in each room. Please play safely.

Cell Phone/Tablet Restrictions

If you must bring a cell phone, iPad or any other electronic imaging/communication device to the party, it must be on silent or vibrate mode and you must keep it in your bag, pocket, holder, or purse at all times.  If you must make or receive a call, please go to the lobby area or outside before doing so. Recording such meetings or classes remains prohibited.

No Exchange of Money for Any Professional Services of Any Kind

This includes professional dominants, professional submissive, chiropractors, masseurs, accountants, and brick-layers. Money transfers are only permissible for sale of goods subject to the Board’s permission.

On occasion, Threshold may have a photographer, an approved masseuse, bootblack or vendor onsite as an added offering at our parties, and they may receive payment for their work.


Please make sure that your guests know the nature of the event. Your guests areyour responsibility and cannot be present prior to your arrival or leave after you. You may bring a maximum of two guests. Please be sure all guests bring proof-of-age ID (e.g., drivers license), and that you have your Threshold membership card present. Your guests must sign liability release forms at the door.

Please remember that Threshold members are entirely responsible and accountable for the behavior of their guests, as well as their own behavior, so make certain that your guests know these rules as well as you do, before the party.


Smoking is permitted only in designated areas (this includes electronic cigarettes/vaporizers). We’ve provided a spacious outdoor patio for our members and guests who smoke.  Remember No Nudity is permitted on the patio.  Consider the patio Beach Wear Appropriate.

Glass containers

Glass containers of any type are prohibited, with the exception of fire-cupping cups and other approved glass play equipment. No one needs broken glass in a dark dungeon.


Please eat only in the kitchen or on the patio. Exposed genitals are prohibited near the food tables. If you’re naked, ask a friend to get your food for you! Drinks are allowed in the play areas as long as they are in unbreakable containers and have lids.

Edge Play / Messy Play

Check with DM first prior to engaging in ANY of these kinds of play


Manual asphyxiation or strangling scenes (where the bottom’s neck is pressed, crushed, or otherwise compressed) are prohibited due to potentially dangerous complications.  While we at Threshold are not here to judge your type of kink or play, we maintain this policy for the good of the entire membership and the safety of our guests.


Gags (or anything else, like duct tape across the mouth, that has the same effect) are considered edge play at Threshold. Before gagging, you must work out a safe signal with your bottom that will work as (s)he will be tied, and communicate that signal to the DM on duty.


Also for the safety of our guests and the well-being of our facility, we control fire play.  The bottom must be horizontal. We do not allow fire flogging or fire whipping. We also require you use only alcohol as fuel and contain all fire play to inside the building (not on the patio or outside).  For the safety of our patrons and the building, you must have a functional fire extinguisher nearby. Fireplay is not permitted in the harem room.


Will your play result in bleeding or breaking of skin? If so, please take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of cross contamination and keep your play contained so others are not at risk (use of dropcloths and chucks recommended). You must bring your own sharps container for disposal of used needles and so on, and take it with you when you leave. Clean the equipment and dispose of any cleanup materials properly. We have a first aid kit; ask a DM for it if needed.


Love some wax? So do we. But those wishing to engage in wax play must bring their own supply of sheeting or drop cloths to cover any and all areas on which they are playing. NO WAX can drip directly on the floor, or on any equipment.  The players involved in the scene are responsible for COMPLETELY cleaning the bottom and the play space. Help keep our club clean.

No form of Scat or Enema play is permitted.


Golden Showers are permitted at the 1st and 3rd Saturday parties of the month (Taboo & Euphoria).  There are some restrictions. Play is limited to the smaller rooms in the back.  You must bring your own rags, towels, plastic drop-cloths and/or blow up kiddie pool (not a bad idea).  You must clean the room completely when finished and dispose of all materials in the dumpster out back.  The Club will provide some cleaning supplies (bleach, disinfectant, madicide, mop and bucket), but you are responsible for anything else you might need.  When you are finished, you can use the shower out on the patio, if you wish.

Theme Rooms

Theme rooms are for intimate or private kinds of play. Give those playing the physical and mental room to enact their scene or move on to another location.

Doors to the theme rooms are to be kept completely open during the entire duration of Threshold events.  Others may want to use the room or equipment you have selected. Please be sensitive of their desires. An hour should be sufficient for any piece of equipment on a busy night (30+ people in attendance).  On slower nights, 90 minutes is fine.  You are required to use the sign-up sheet and confer with a DM prior to entering the room.

Emergency Procedures

In the rare case of an emergency (loss of electricity, earthquake, fire) emergency procedures will be implemented. Please follow the instructions of the DM. Stay quiet, calm and LISTEN for directions. Tops should always stay with their bottoms and are responsible for their safety, especially in an emergency. Failure to respond to the DMs in an emergency situation will be taken very seriously.

A concise version of the rules are posted around the club.  It is the obligation of our patrons and members to read them, be familiar with them, and adhere to them.  If you have a question about a rule or type of play, please seek out and contact a DM, Party Host or Board Member.