It’s the blood, sweat, and…OK maybe not tears, but it IS the work of an extensive volunteer network which keeps the doors open and the gears running at Threshold. Whether it’s a monthly commitment to working a party, a special event helper, or being on call for when we’re looking to spruce the joint up, we would love to have you as part of the team!

We are updating our volunteer listing, if you’re interested please fill out the form below and we will put you on the list and get you in touch with the right department.

Current Openings:


Email gatekeepers@threshold.org with interest and questions.

Being a gatekeeper makes you the first face people see when they come into the club. This position requires a friendly personality to welcome guests to our home. It’s very important to be punctual when working a door shift. You must maintain the door sheet to track entrance, keep a balanced cash drawer, check ID’s, gauge inebriation, etc. New people attending our dungeons also have a lot of questions, while we don’t expect our Gatekeepers to know the answer to everything, you must maintain a basic knowledge of club rules, and know who to refer them to in order to find their answer.

Dungeon Monitors

Email dungeonmaster@threshold.org with interest and questions.

Dungeon monitors are the main point of contact for the public at any party. We help folks with dungeon needs, enforce the rules and ensure that play is done safely and in accordance with the rules.

The requirements are: you must have enough dungeon experience to recognize the difference between safe and unsafe play, of any common play style. You must be friendly and personable. You must be capable of acting sanely in an emergency. You must be physically able to do CPR, and to spend shifts of up to three hours largely standing. You must be open to many different play styles and sexualities.

Think you’ll be perfect for one of these positions? Remember that Chair positions can mean a lot of work but if you’re dedicated they can be VERY rewarding.