The Board

The Threshold Board


Unger has been in and around the BDSM and fetish scene for over 20 years, with most of his public activity taking place at Threshold. Unger is actively involved in DMing and education at Threshold and around Southern California.  He is currently one of the Threshold DM Co-Chairs.  He also teaches classes and does demos for a variety of topics including different types of edge play

Assistant Coordinator

I have been in the lifestyle, and a member of threshold for about 6 years.  I have also been a DM for about 5 years.  I love this club and the people that come to it.  I want to help keep it a fun and friendly place, with great energy and wonderful people.  Ensure that it remains a place of education, for both the new and the experienced.

Chief Financial Officer

Victoria is proud to be serving her club and community as the CFO. She’s active in the community attending classes, munches, and parties in a variety of areas. Victoria is currently the Gatekeeper Chairperson and helps co-host the DommeNation party here at Threshold.

Corporate Secretary

I started my volunteering at Threshold when I started hosting the 10 Before 10 party. I feel that it’s important for Threshold to maintain the safe, welcoming environment that it has established.I am proud of Threshold’s commitment to education and outreach and I will do my best to see that it continues to thrive

Fifth Body

My name is Jonah, been in the lifestyle for 8 years. I have been to several other clubs but this is the one that has been the best fit for me and my family. My goals include having a safe place for people to learn about BDSM, bringing people into the lifestyle so they can see the fun and friends that are here.