Domme Nation

We’re good, but we’re no angels…

Unleash your desires and submit to the female energy. Take a journey into the heart of female dominance at Threshold’s DommeNation, an evening of play, education and socializing where women are magnificent and always in control. All orientations and genders are welcome (we love diversity at Threshold) but all scenes MUST be female led.

The Social Hour

Join us in the patio/lobby for a pre-party social. The start to the evening begins at 7pm with a community social that allows everyone a refreshing chance to mingle and enjoy the atmosphere of female domination. Here, you’ll experience a meeting of the minds where a variety of pleasures will be at hand; from tea service to boot blacking, and from light refreshments to mocktails, The Social Hour offers a splendid surprise every month. Come and discover what new enchantments await you.

DommeNation College

At 8pm class is in session. Here you will learn all aspects of domination and submission from some of the best educators in the community. From soft skills to hard skills, join us to learn and understand the tools that will make you a better dominant or submissive.

DommeNation Play Party

Want to join the game? We’ll show you how it’s played! Experience the energy of female domination hosted by The Threshold Society. Equipped with multiple play stations, 7 themed rooms, and our large main room, this is the chance to live out your fantasies in the safety and comfort of our splendid club. Once your play is done, join us in the kitchen for a sumptuous meal to satiate your other desires. Threshold is proud to host this awesome event where female dominance is the order of the day. Because some women were not meant to be tamed.

Come by our DommeNation FetLife group if you want more information, if you have any questions, or just to send us a message. We’d love to hear form you!

The Women of DommeNation