Welcome to EUPHORIA, a Threshold members ONLY party where our relaxed rules allow you the opportunity to explore a deeper level of intensity. This party provides you with the atmosphere to release your primal desires. All sexual orientations and identities are welcome, we love diversity at Threshold.
Join us before the party at 7:00 PM for a pre party class (details on calendar). Are you ready to cross the Threshold?
Not a Member, you’re in luck! There are still two ways you can attend:
  1. As the guest of a member (you must sign a waiver and show valid ID)
  2. Attend the orientation prior to this event at 5:00 PM and join the Threshold family (no late comers allowed, must show valid ID, sign a waiver, and pay a yearly fee of $25).
RULES: Door Closes at Midnight! There will be no admittance after Midnight! All play (including aftercare) must end 15 minutes prior to the parties close, this ensures that our volunteers can clean and lock up on time. Entrance is located in the rear of the building, look for the door with the “T”. Adults 18+ Only Threshold members need only show club ID. If you are not a Threshold member, you can still attend by being the guest of a current member (you must sign a release form and present valid photo ID). All Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities are welcome; at Threshold we love diversity. Munchies offered in the kitchen! Soda and water are provided for $.50. Threshold is equipped with multiple play stations, 7 themed rooms, and our large main room.