Fetish Noir

Fetish Noir is a play party for TNG(the next generation) of Kink, but everyone of all ages is welcome. It is a casual play party where socialization is encouraged. It’s a great place to meet like minded people for a conversation and maybe some play.

Brand new to Fetish Noir? Then have the usual Bullet points!

*Park around the back of the building and look for the open door with a T painted upon it. Ring the bell to be admitted or just pull the door if it starts ringing at you. The party officially starts at nine.

*This club is open to all who are over the age of eighteen. Being a member of Threshold simply allows for a five dollar discount into the party and is not mandatory to attend. All genders, sexualities, identities, and what have you are welcome and encouraged to come. Our crowd is often diverse and we do our best to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

*The idea of Fetish Noir is one of a more casual night of Kink. One focused more around the socialization and actual play between various people as opposed to a spectacle and show boating.

*Nervous? Just come find me(WayTheWorldEnds) and I’ll get you started on the right track. Hell if you want to learn a technical skill (I.E. Flogging) I can probably help with that too.

We do accept volunteers to work our door! Please contact WayTheWorldEnds if you wish to give an hour of your time and get into the party for free. Sooner is better.

Hope to see you lovely people there!