Elections for the 2019/2020 year have begun. Please read on for additional information.

Hello Threshold Members!

Threshold Board Elections are coming up on May 5, 2019 so it’s time to put out a call to all members who wish to run. The leadership of this wonderful club is a rewarding experience, as anyone who has ever served can attest. It is a rare thing to have such an organization as this and something that can likely be taken for granted; but when you consider the sheer magnitude of volunteers that it takes to keep this club in working order for 36 years, you can begin to understand why we take such pride in all that we’ve built.

The minimal duties of serving on the board include:

–       To run the business of Threshold as a governing body in compliance with the association rules and within the law as described in the California State Corporation Code.

–       Advocate for the Membership and its goals as their elected representatives.

–       Fulfill the necessary duties of opening and closing the club for events in a fair and reasonable manner.

–       Be available for the monthly business meeting which is currently held on the 1st Sunday of the month in addition to a monthly board meeting.

The 5 Board positions are:


This person will represent The Threshold Society, Inc. on all official forms and capacities. This individual must be willing to use their legal name in connection with Threshold operations including but not limited to legal documents, financial accounts, and contracts. The Coordinator is responsible for conducting the monthly member business meetings in addition to participating in the organization’s special events, and other activities.

Assistant Coordinator

This person serves as backup to the Coordinator when the Coordinator is unavailable or absent. They must be willing to use their legal name in connection with Threshold operations, if necessary. They will conduct the monthly member business meetings in the Coordinator’s absence.

Chief Financial Officer

This position requires no financial experience. This individual must be willing to use their legal name, if necessary, in connection with Threshold operations. If the Treasurer is unable to attend the monthly member business meeting you will provide the financial update and serve as the main contact for the organization’s Treasurer.

Corporate Secretary

This person serves as the record keeper of monthly board meeting minutes and provides oversight to the Recording Secretary.

5th Board Member

This individual has floating responsibilities and serves in the capacity of a “tie-breaker” position.

Basically, you can be a board member, even without prior board or leadership experience.

We have an incredible team of dedicated volunteers that support and guide the Board. This is an excellent opportunity to help your organization as well as gain valuable leadership experience that can help improve your confidence and real-world professional skills.

If you’re ready to take the lead, please submit your candidate statements to Elections@threshold.org NO LATER THAN March 21, 2019. Your statement should be limited to 1,200 words and include a brief introduction along with your scene name, the position you are running for and any information you would like the members to know about your prospective goals. This statement will go out to all members so that they have a chance to hear from you and make their decisions.

Thank you,

The Threshold Board